Order Status and their trigger

Why do order status change and what trigger them are questions we often get from our users. To clear this, here is a list of the order status present on DSers and what they mean

Please take in consideration that the syncing time for the order status may vary greatly between all the platforms.

Here is a list of the average syncing time from one platform to the other:

-Shopify to DSers = Sync is instantaneous

-DSers to AliExpress = Sync is instantaneous

-AliExpress to DSers = Sync can take up to 6 hours as we sync at fixed time but you have two ways to accelerate this

=>The Chrome Extension will help you to synchronise the status of the orders from AliExpress to DSers in 10 mins. Just click on the Ali Order Syncing button

=>The AliExpress API Syncing for people not using Chrome. Click the Ali Order Syncing Button and click at the bottom of the window

You can only use this 10 times a day, give it 10 minutes before you click on it again

-DSers to Shopify = Sync can take up to 2 hours

To summarize, once your supplier sends out the package and the Tracking Number has been created, it will take a maximum of 8 hours to sync from AliExpress to DSers to Shopify automatically. Of course you can reduce that time with the methods above.


Orders for which the payment from your customers has not yet been captured on Shopify

Note: If an order is stuck in Pending whereas your customer paid, you can manually sync their status in DSers - Setting - Other, at the bottom

Awaiting order

Orders for which the payment from your customers has been captured on Shopify

Awaiting payment

Orders that have been placed to AliExpress with success but not yet paid.

The AliExpress Order Number will be generated instantly.

Awaiting shipment

Orders that have been paid on AliExpress but not yet shipped out by your supplier.

The Order status will be synced automatically on DSers within 6 hours (Note: you can sync faster with the Ali Order Syncing button)


Orders that have been shipped out by your AliExpress supplier.

The AliExpress Tracking Number will be synced to DSers within 6 hours (Note: you can sync faster with the Ali Order Syncing button) and then synced to Shopify within 2 hours.

The Shopify Shipping Confirmation email will be triggered when the Tracking Number is synced from DSers to Shopify (you can activate or deactivate this feature in DSers - Setting - Tracking).


Orders that are (partially) Canceled / (partially) Refunded on AliExpress and Shopify will be moved to this tab.

You can bulk order the Canceled orders from AliExpress, but not the ones from Shopify.


Orders with errors or restrictions will be shown here.

Deal with the errors and you can bulk order the Failed orders again.

What happens on DSers?

You can check the full process of an order here

When you fulfill orders with DSers by clicking Order/Place multiple orders

1. You place orders with DSers and will get the Order Number automatically

2. The Tracking Number automatically synchronize from AliExpress to DSers (There might be a delay of 6 hours after the tracking number appears on AliExpress)

3. Shopify orders are automatically fulfilled (There might be a delay of 2 hours after the tracking number appears on DSers)

4. Shopify Shipping Confirmation mail is automatically triggered and sent (if you activated the feature)

When you manually fulfill orders BEFORE placing them to AliExpress with DSers

Can be applied to:

-Orders that have been fulfilled on other platform

-Orders that won’t be submitted with DSers

When you click Fulfill orders manually:

1. Orders will be moved to the Fulfilled tab without any AliExpress Order Number or Tracking Number

2. It won’t change the order status on Shopify

2. Orders will not be rolled back to Awaiting order status. You can’t place this orders with DSers anymore (contact the customer service if you made a mistake)

3. DSers won’t update the order status, won't fulfill the order on Shopify and won't trigger the shipping confirmation even if you fill in order number and tracking number manually in the orders

When you manually fulfill orders AFTER submitting via DSers

When you click manually fulfill orders after placing orders with DSers:

1. Orders will be moved to the Fulfilled tab

2. You can still see the AliExpress Order Number

3. It won’t change your order status on Shopify

4. DSers won't automatically update the Tracking Number from AliExpress

5. DSers won't automatically fulfill the orders on Shopify and won't sync the Tracking Number

What will happen on DSers to orders fulfilled on Shopify?

1. For orders not submitted on DSers, they will be moved to the Fulfilled tab and can’t be placed again with DSers.

2. For orders manually fulfilled on Shopify, they will be moved to the Fulfilled tab and can’t be placed again with DSers.

3. DSers won't sync the tracking number even if you manually fill it in on DSers

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!



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