2019 & DSers!

What happened?

2018 is now gone for good, and what a year it’s been for us at DSers!

From securing our first round of investment, opening our website to the public, to our latest feature released (I’m looking at you Pricing Rule). 2018 has truly been a great year for us.

We’ve continually released many updates, our Chrome Extension is now in version 2.0, new features, such as our migration tool, and we tried to keep improving.

2019 will be rich in event and news for all our dropshippers!

What’s coming?

We will start the year by releasing a new feature that many people asked us for: CSV Bulk Ordering.

CSV Bulk Ordering will allow people using other platform than Shopify to download the CSV file containing all the pending orders information from their website and upload it to DSers to place their orders more easily!

A full presentation of this new feature will be available on YouTube and our blog as soon as it goes live!

This year will also be marked by the beginning of DSers Verified Suppliers.

After our recent study, we found that the most problematic part of dropshipping for our users is often dealing with suppliers. To solve this, AliExpress and DSers are selecting top of the line suppliers with outstanding records in terms of delivery time and products.

We cannot announce a release date yet, but be sure that we are working hard to bring this out as soon as possible!

What about you?

DSers’ mission is to facilitate and ultimately automate the dropshipping process for our users so that you can focus all your energy on marketing and other improvement for your businesses. No more time wasted on placing and paying for your orders every day or so.

To achieve that, we need you.

We need your feedback and your ideas, what would you like to see coming to DSers? What would you like to see improved or changed maybe?

Tell us how DSers can help you, and DSers will make 2019 a great year for us all!

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